Marketing Analytics Simplified

Everything You Need to Know About Your Marketing Analytics.....And None of the CRAP You Don't

A WHOLE lotta information.

One of the hardest parts of using digital marketing analytics is figuring out what matters and what does not. Focus on the wrong thing and you miss important details. But how do you know what you need to worry about and what you don’t? You’re a business owner with a million things to do. You need to know if there is a problem, if things are going well, and how you can improve. That’s it! -And that’s exactly what we provide for you.


Daily Email letting you know if there are any emergencies. If there are some, we will offer a meeting date within the next business day of the alert.

Weekly Report summarizing the changes in three of the most informative marketing analytics metrics: Page Visits, Bounce Rate, and Time On Page.

Monthly Private Webinar to discuss cumulative results and general trends of your marketing efforts.


If you are not already setup in Google Analytics we will do it for you FOR FREE! Even if you don’t stay with us, keep the setup!

We will add filters – filters keep the fake data out of your marketing analytics. If we see any shenanigans in your data, we will add the filters at no charge so that the information we provide is accurate.

We will share the raw data with you! We will share the Google Analytics profile with you so that you can look at it for yourself ANYTIME YOU WANT. Feel free to submit any questions via email “” or Twitter using the hashtag “#AnalyticsQuestion4Rojas”.


A monthly private webinar to discuss cumulative results and general trends of your marketing efforts.

We Know Money Does Not Grow On Trees

We priced this offering to meet the needs of growing businesses. Our goal was to provide the maximum amount of information that will help businesses grow, at a price that any business can afford.

Yes, everything we are telling you can be found for free. We are not selling data – We sell expertise. This program allows you to spend your valuable time on other business tasks, and gives you the information you need in easy to manage doses.

Pricing is simple. All of this valuable information is available for the low base price of $19.99 USD per month.

Add ons:

Additional metrics – 2.99 per month

Funnel setup – 29.99 one time fee

Funnel analytics – $10.00 +base price per month

Social Media Analytics – $15.00 +Base price per month

Email Analytics – $15.00 + Base price per month

If you request our help solving a problem uncovered in an analytics report, you will automatically receive the discounted rate of $69 per hour of work.

Want more? Let us know and we will custom design an analytics reporting package just for you!

Cancellation is EASY!

We have an easy cancellation process. Not because we want you to cancel, but we want to reserve our time for the customers that are getting the most out of our service. If it’s not helping you, we will gladly allow you to invest your money elsewhere! We hope that you find this service useful. But in the unlikely case that you don’t, here are the terms and conditions for cancellation.

The term of the service agreement is for 6 months. After the initial 6 months, the service is provided on a month-to-month basis.

Within the First 30 days – Full refund of initial payment

Between month 2 and 6 months РOne half of the remaining balance of the 6 month term.

After 6 months – Cancel at the end of the 30 day billing cycle.

All you have to do to cancel is send an email to “”. Let us know you would like to cancel, and if you can why. That’s it! Super simple!

Get The Analytics Information Your Business NEEDS

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