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Get Out Of The Garage

Get Out Of The Garage - A Guide To Entrepreneurial Marketing

The book for entrepreneurs that want more customers, more sales, and less stress!

Calling All Entrepreneurs!

Is managing your own digital marketing, keeping you from building the business of your dreams? Are you working all day and spending time after hours reading confusing marketing reports, watching “free”webinars that never tell you the complete story, and spending hours on social media fighting to win a few followers? Have you been tempted to invest in a digital marketing expert but fear the horror stories about “experts” that aren’t experts at all taking your hard earned money?

  • Get the life you want with time for family, fun, and financial security!
  • LOADED with powerful tips that make SEO, Social Media, and Analytics EASY!
  • Quick read with simple instructions for even the busiest entrepreneur to read!

Save time and money by getting the customer grabbing marketing fundamentals ROCK SOLID starting the day you download this book!

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What This Book Will Do For You

This is not a book for the serial entrepreneur, the trust fund baby, or the ivy-league graduate. This is a book for REAL entrepreneurs who have bills, kids, and zero time for BS that does not work. This book will give you the tools you need to build BOSS Marketing.

  • Get the truth about building your OPTIMAL WEBSITE.
  • Get SEO BROKEN DOWN to simple science.
  • Get proven TRAFFIC DRIVERS for your website.
  • Get the EASY way to add hundreds of emails to your email list IN MINUTES.

What The People Are Saying....

It’s a solid read covering many of the basis. Someone without prior knowledge will definitely walk away having more information about marketing to be sure.

Really good. A ton of info!

I love the entire concept, title and all. I understand that this your first book but well done.

A Non-Traditional Success Story

Carmen Rojas MBA

Carmen Rojas MBA

This is NOT going to read like the typical entrepreneurial marketing bio. It does not start with a dream and end at fame and fortune. There will be no picture of me leaning against my high performance vehicle parked at my house in Malibu. My story starts like yours does. In a classroom, in a cubicle, and later in the unemployment line. My story is still being written but I am the one doing the writing. I took chances and found myself working with brands like Coca-Cola, Subway Restaurants, Shell, and Verizon Wireless. This book is written to share the marketing do’s and don’ts I learned by working at these world leading companies, breaking them down to entrepreneur sized bites, and sharing them with all of you. I want you to be the next millionaire entrepreneur – and the marketing strategies in this book will help you do just that!

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Get the book that is guaranteed to help you save money, attract new customers, and build a marketing system that can be used over and over again to build your business empire!

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