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Profit Focussed Website Optimization

At Rojas Consulting we move your business towards profitability by taking a scientific approach to website optimization. But it’s not rocket science it is simple math.

Profitability = Total Revenue – Total Costs

If it does not lower your customer acquisition costs and or increase the lifetime value of each customer we don’t do it.

Online we can create and test hypothesis and get scientifically valid evidence of our conclusions. Using the internet we can determine what the best course of action for your business when you are considering changing prices, adding new offerings, or changing brand directions before you spend time, money and resources on an unproven concept.

Our teams uses industry leading research and proven methodology (some of which we helped write) to lead more customers not just to your site but to the sales confirmation page. Our experts have years of industry experience and are dedicated to helping your website succeed.

Is Your Site In Need Of Optimization?

Are you not seeing your site on the first page of search engines when using terms directly related to your business?

Are you paying for digital advertising (ex. PPC) and not getting any new customers.

Are you spending more and more money to get customers that are spending less and less?

If the answer to any of these is yes, your site may benefit from profitability optimization.

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