What Does The Yahoo-Verizon Acquisition Mean To You?

Yahoo Verizon Acquisition
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Yesterday, it was announced that Yahoo! an internet search engine company once worth over $100 Billion  will sell to Verizon, a digital communications company, for under $5 Billion. What does this mean for main street America and your business? Should you make any changes to your marketing plans? Read on to find out.

First, for everyday internet and cell phone users expect to see cosmetic changes. Maybe logo adjustments, or layout modifications, but as most acquisitions that came before radical changes alienate the customers just purchased. Search will likely remain the same initially and may expand in the future as the AOL purchase will further bolster the ability to quickly answer questions. I would expect to see expanded options for mobile advertising. Which is becoming an annoyance by cell phone users.

Second, for businesses investing in SEM, new mobile options could becoming soon. Expanded capabilities with mobile advertising, a differentiated search engine from Google, and other options are likely to come but nothing has been formally announced from Verizon. One of the questions we have been asked is:

Should I look into advertising on Yahoo? Or, should I pull my ads from Yahoo?

We have told our SEM clients that first, if you are going to truly leverage an SEM advertising diversification of your advertising is key. Yahoo ads should have been strategically on your radar already. However, if you are not there don’t fear the changes at the top stop you from giving this outlet a try. If you are already advertising there it is unlikely that these changes will be affecting your ads. Being strategic and paying attention is advised. Hesitating with no justification for not moving forward, or fearing unfounded changes is not advised.

Paid Search AdvertisingFinally, I don’t think that even a merger of this magnitude will be enough to significantly alter, scare, or threaten Google. Even with Verizon now owning Yahoo and AOL it will not even dent the market share of Google. My prediction is that Google will still be the dominant brand and will remain a fixture of advertising online. Google is just too big, to dominant, and has so much control over the information and the means to capture it that even a marriage of former giants is not enough to knock it off its pedestal or even to pull even as a competitor.

Having a strong digital marketing strategy reduces the risk that factors beyond your control could sink your marketing ship. Get help building a digital marketing strategy that will deliver customers no matter what happens in the news!


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