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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process by which we learn why website visitors are or are not becoming customers. We combine analytics, experience, and a scientific approach to testing digital marketing. The goal is to understand your customers needs and wants so closely that your products and service all but sell themselves. We let website deign professionals perfect how a site looks or what technical things the site can do. We care more about what the customers want. We help agencies  understand what their clients digital customers are not only looking for, but will pay for. Then together, we create the optimal website design that delivers this need with precision, and little to no wasted effort.

Conversion Rate Optimization is a continual process because as your client grows, adds new products and services, and attracts more/different customers, the internet is changing too! Website optimization is not a finishing point but rather the continual process of checking with the customers for changes in needs and preferences and adjusting their website to meet those needs.

Put Our Three Step Process To Work For Your Clients

Step 1 - Marketing Analysis

The first thing we do is analyze. We watch the code and performance of the site to look for clues for areas of improvement on the site. We look for indications of customer preference, activity, and passivity to understand what site visitors are looking for and what value they place on what they find.

Step 2 - Marketing Optimization

The next thing we do is conduct scientifically valid experiments to confirm our marketing hypotheses. These experiments are conducted with minimal disruption to on going marketing and ensure that what we are observing can be reliably replicated throughout the site, and the business.

Step 3 - Marketing Implementation

The final step is to implement what we have learned. Implementation into an existing marketing strategy can be trickier than it seems. We work with agencies to ensure that the learning is applied in away that continues the positive results but maximizes the bottom line profitability of the client.

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