The “Why” of Rojas Consulting

Quotes of Carmen Rojas - Rojas Consulting
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All of the blogs you read on the Rojas Consulting site and all of the blogs you may read on other sites that I have written will be vastly different than the one you are about to read. This blog is different because it is emotional and shares the connection that we are building with not just businesses, but communities and people. It explains why we are doing what we are doing and it lays the foundation for the kind of business we want to become.

First, we are a business. As it’s leader I cannot forget or deny that our ultimate goal is to make money. Turning a profit is important. Not because I want a fancy car, or a mansion. But because without making money I and we cannot help other businesses and people to build the kinds of business that help us all. We may never become a Fortune 500 company, and thats ok because that’s not the measuring stick we use to measure our success. Rather, we would like to help 500 companies to achieve their goals. We want to see 500 businesses that are in a better position to help more people. We want to help 500 businesses that are reaching back and helping others.

Second, we want to build the kind of business that is worthy of our children. If in the process of growing Rojas Consulting we find ourselves doing something that we would not want our children to be a part of, its the wrong thing for us to do. During my time in corporate America I have had many phone calls with the adults in my life where I was literally in tears about something that was said to me or something that I fundamentally disagreed with to my core, that the company was forcing me to do. I know it pained my mother greatly to hear me distressed but forced by the hand of economics to do. Rojas Consulting will be the kind of company that is proud to have our children work in, and I would never build the kind of business that asked my kids to do something that was against their core values. Part of that responsibility lies in not picking the right people to work with us, but it is a tremendous honor to build a company that is good to its core, profitable, and that I would be proud to have my children own one day if they choose.

Finally, we fully embrace the definition of insanity: To do the exact same thing and expect different results. We understand that it would be an exercise in insanity to try to build the exact same kind of business as the ones that already exists and expect it to have different results. And since it is impossible to build an exact replica of another business, why even try? Why not be different? We understand and do not dispute the fundamentals of business. But we challenge the aspects of who are customers should be, who our employees should be, how we should grow, and other details. Rojas Consulting strives to be different, because we believe the world needs different results.

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