Lead Capture Campaign For the Win

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How to get an audience with lead capture

As we FINALLY draw this election cycle to a close, its interesting to look at the campaigns thru the lens of digital marketing. We all have our favorite candidates, and the purpose of this blog is not to choose a president (there are plenty of blogs out there doing that….) but rather the purpose is to look at some examples of marketing “Yay’s” and “Nay’s” that we can adopt into our lead capture  strategies.

The story of lead capture done right

I wanted to attend an event being held by the spokesperson of a candidate, so I clicked on a Facebook ad that while simply designed had the call to action “RSVP NOW”. But here is where it gets interesting to a marketing nerd like me. When you click the link you complete a simple lead capture of your name and email. Then you get a confirmation email that your “reservation was received”. But then the media is covering that you need a “ticket” and you can only get it from specific offices. So, I went to get my “ticket” and there was ANOTHER lead capture! Which of course I filled out to get my tickets. And then on the tickets…. ANOTHER LEAD CAPTURE! And I am still not guaranteed a seat!

Sound crazy?

To the average voter this is ridiculous. But to a marketing nerd this is brilliant. What this campaign created was a funnel system that had lead capture at key entry points that can also be used to evaluate the motivation of their audience.

End Lead Capture confusingHow This Crazy Lead Capture Funnel Works

First, remember that there should be multiple defined entry points to a funnel. If you only have one possible path, that’s not going to be enough if the pure number of conversions is the goal. There need to be 3 to 4 ways to get to your most profitable conversion, each customized to fit a specific kind of customer.

Second, if a customer comes thru the longest path with the most conversions this customer is a highly motivated individual who can be tagged and is likely to be incentivized into becoming an evangelist that advocates for your brand.

Third, when it matters most lead capture is even more important. At this point in the election campaign managers are trying to figure out where to spend money, where to make speeches, what are the polls not telling the campaign, what is the next conversion that will put there candidate over the top. Gaining data about the general tone of the electorate is possible thru an analytical approach to lead capture.

Take Home Points On Lead Capture


If I could triple underline that I would. Easy conversions are the ones that have the right bait at the end and an easy process to follow. Sequential lead capture is not a problem if the prize is worth it. If you are using a product that does not have high demand or value then a multi step funnel with multiple capture points may not be the way to go. But if it’s rare, valuable, and highly sought after, such as an opportunity to hear a president speak, mastering the funnel with a help of intelligently placed lead captures is a vote for business success!

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