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The “Why” of Rojas Consulting

Quotes of Carmen Rojas - Rojas Consulting

by All of the blogs you read on the Rojas Consulting site and all of the blogs you may read on other sites that I have written will be vastly different than the one you are about to read. This blog is different because it is emotional and shares the connection that we are building with not just businesses, but communities and people. It explains why we are doing what we are doing and it lays the foundation for the kind of business we want to become. First, we are a business. As it’s leader I cannot forget or deny that

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Lead Capture Campaign For the Win

by As we FINALLY draw this election cycle to a close, its interesting to look at the campaigns thru the lens of digital marketing. We all have our favorite candidates, and the purpose of this blog is not to choose a president (there are plenty of blogs out there doing that….) but rather the purpose is to look at some examples of marketing “Yay’s” and “Nay’s” that we can adopt into our lead capture  strategies. The story of lead capture done right I wanted to attend an event being held by the spokesperson of a candidate, so I clicked on

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What Does The Yahoo-Verizon Acquisition Mean To You?

Yahoo Verizon Acquisition

by Yesterday, it was announced that Yahoo! an internet search engine company once worth over $100 Billion  will sell to Verizon, a digital communications company, for under $5 Billion. What does this mean for main street America and your business? Should you make any changes to your marketing plans? Read on to find out. First, for everyday internet and cell phone users expect to see cosmetic changes. Maybe logo adjustments, or layout modifications, but as most acquisitions that came before radical changes alienate the customers just purchased. Search will likely remain the same initially and may expand in the future

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How Marketing Can Get Along With Sales

Sales and Marketing SIlos

by The other day I was browsing the internet looking doing some research and I ran across this article on Inc.com: “9 Reasons Why Sales Hates Marketing” by Geoffrey James http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/why-sales-hates-marketing-9-reasons.html . I have worked on both sides of this divide and am well aware of the deep held assumptions, misgivings, and plain and simple lies that are fueling this debate. I also know that this debate rages inside companies of all sizes, ages, and industries. When I found this article by Geoffrey James I thought, finally someone bold enough to put their feelings down on paper in an article. All too often

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Before You Hire Another PPC Company

Before You Sign up for PPC Help

by Full disclosure. I am writing this to show how easy it is for a well intended investment in your on line visibility to go horribly wrong. I know….. because it happened to me. Here is the story of what I did wrong and how you can avoid these same mistakes! I made some risky decisions on a company that came highly recommended to me and it almost became a digital marketing DISASTER. I have lately been quite busy helping my clients with their digital marketing so I was open to the idea of allowing a company to manage my

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A Data Dive In To Social Live Streaming

Blog Post about Video Chat

by The latest craze in social media is the idea of live streaming from a social media platform. Facebook now offers live streaming,  Twitter has Blab.im, there is Periscope and we all remember the Google Hangout craze. And what now seems as “old faithful” we have YouTube.  Should you be live streaming? Where should you be? How do you decide where you should be? Let’s dig deeper into these areas and see what works! SEO Fundamentally, most SEO strategies address one of four concerns. More high profile links to a site or page. Unique content that boosts the authority of keywords

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The Marketing Analytics “EKG”

EKG for marketing

by How Healthy Is Your Marketing? Did you know that an EKG measures the electrical activity in your heart? It actually measures the flow of an electrical current between different areas of your heart. Each line, peak, and bump have a specific meaning and pattern that a physician can use to get a better sense of your hearts ability to pump blood around your body. An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. An EKG shows the heart‘s electrical activity as line tracings on paper. The spikes and dips

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Did you forget this part of Social Media?

by Often we think of Social Media sites as a drivers of traffic to our websites. And this is correct. However, have you forgotten to encourage your site visitors to follow you on social media? Many of us do not. And  as a conversion rate specialist I must caution that you must encourage traffic carefully so you are not creating leaks at critical points in your conversion funnel. There are three things that you must nail in order to execute this strategy correctly. Create a unique experience at each social media outlet. Your social media should not be an extension of

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How Analytics Can Fix Your Email Campaign

Email marketing image

by How An Analytics Consultant Can Improve Your Email Campaigns One of the key components of any strong digital marketing strategy is an email campaign. I have to admit, I have struggled with this and I am a recovering email pacifist. Not because of a lack of effectiveness, but because of the lack of time I thought would be required to have an effective campaign. Being in Marketing some of my preconceived notions were accurate, many were not. But what I wanted to share with you are some of the most amazing ways that analytics can improve a lack luster

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SEO vs Conversion Rate

by How to Balance SEO and Conversion Rate in Your Digital Marketing One common dilemma faced by business owners with a narrow digital marketing budget is should you focus on SEO or Conversion Rate. The answer is not or but, both. There should not be a first and second, but simultaneous. Why You Should Be Doing SEO and CRO – At The Same Time SEO, other wise known as Search Engine Optimization is often considered to be the golden child of digital marketing. In many of the groups I belong to SEO becomes the most sought after digital marketing “add-on”

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