Analytics, Metrics, and Split-Testing

Business Analytics

For many, strategy may seem like an artful execution of luck. But in reality, good strategy is based on calculations, experiments and replication. Great business strategy may have certain risks taken, but they are rarely just the result of luck. And to make the most of the business strategy of a company, a trail of steps must be left so that the next campaign stands a good chance of being successful.

Analytics, Metrics, and Split-Testing are a critical component to all the Rojas Consulting Business strategies. I have fine tuned my own design, analyze and improvise cycle to create effective business strategies. I have used it to help companies use their resources to achieve useful, profitable, and factual insights about their consumers and the company as a whole.

I help companies learn how to use analytics, metrics, and split testing to accurately gauge and account for changes in customer behavior, customer flow, and ultimately conversion. By balancing our creativity with the scientific use of analytics, metrics, and split testing my clients receive strategies that are well thought out, timely, cost efficient, and most importantly: effective.

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